Hand of Heaven: Ability Overview


The Creators may have powerful spells that they can fling every which way, but the Aspects also have a bit of their own original flavor. Each Aspect has three abilities they can utilize in battle… as long as you pull up the card. These abilities range from attacks, crowd control, heals, curative effects, and so on. As such, each Aspect has their own way of dealing with different situations. Some may be more about running down the enemy and destroying them out right. Others may want to stand back and support the others making them great for survival.

Every Aspect also has an ultimate ability that can only be activated as long as they have a Core. Cores are special pieces that only come into play once an Aspect has been able to use an ability successfully. But, just like ability cards the ultimate card must also be drawn in order to be used. This makes these cards harder to control as you have two major requirements in order to activate them.

Abilities are integral in keeping control of the map so always be wary of what your opponent is doing. You may have a nice ability in hand, but they might have something far more devastating waiting in the wings.

Hand of Heaven: Battle Mechanics


Aspects and Minions go forth battling each other for their Creator’s glory. Lets talk a little about how they do that, shall we?

Lets start with Agility. This stat is important for making sure you can hit with your attacks or evade them if being attacked. The process is simple: Both players roll a dice for the Minion or Aspect and whoever gets the higher roll wins. If the evading player wins then the attack does nothing to them. If the attacking player wins then the attack causes damage. Even better, if the evading player rolls 3 points lower than the attacking player then the attacked performs a critical hit causing an extra point of damage. Keep in mind that some Aspects have a bonus to their agility making it easier for them to hit or evade attacks.

As for the amount of damage you cause that is determined by either the Minion or Aspect’s base attack power or the ability they’re using. All of these perimeters have a different number and work individually but sometimes can effect depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind that some Aspects have a longer range of attack and even melee style Aspects can throw themselves forward making them rather dangerous to approach.

All of this can be further altered by various other abilities, spells, and weather patterns. Always keep in mind what’s going on and what kinds of buffs and debuffs are affecting yours and your opponents characters and you’ll come out victorious.

Hand of Heaven: Spell Overview


The Creators can’t move from their base, but that doesn’t mean their power isn’t far reaching. They can cast mighty spells that cause many different effects. Want to send a bolt of celestial lightning on your foes? Then you better draw the right card to cause some trouble. Maybe your troops need a boost of power. If you draw a buff card then you can raise their attributes. Maybe you just feel like causing some trouble in general and cause your opponent to flub up their attacks.

The Creators don’t just cast the same spells as each other though. All of them have a set of spells that only they can cast giving them each their own flavor of play. Feel like flinging magical attacks every which way thenĀ  maybe the Creator of the super natural, Maugos, is your kind of god. Maybe your more into bolstering your defenses but also having solid attack power. Terra, the Creator of Solidity is your guy then. Do you rely on the power of others to get your dirty work done? Then Tomorrow, the Creator of Thought, is the one you should rely on too.

Spells help the Creators keep control of the battlefield and help their Aspects and Minions to push forward. After all, every army needs a general and you’ve got plenty of orders to give.

Hand of Heaven: Minion Overview


As awesome as the spells your casting are and as powerful as the Aspects you summon may be sometimes you need that little extra oomph to win. That’s where minions come in. They’re small and weak and can be easily taken out with a swift punch to the gut, but try doing that when you have a hundred of these little guys coming down on your fortress.

Minions exist for two reasons: First, to make sure that no stalemates happen and second, to ensure a game doesn’t go on for too long. Don’t wanna get bored because you and your opponent have been playing for five hours and neither of you can get a real foothold over the other.

Minions, like anything else, must be drawn from your deck in order to summon them. You can only summon one each time a Minion card is played but you can have as many on the board as long as you keep drawing Minion cards. Even when you have to reshuffle your deck after going through it all you can just keep using the Minion cards to summon even more of them. Even better, even if they get destroyed they will simply respawn the next turn and continue marching blindly forth.

Being small Minions can share the same space on the board as other allied Minions and even their allied Aspects. They simply move forward along the board’s spaces attacking any enemies that get too close. The idea is that you’ll eventually be able to flood the board with them hopefully pushing your enemies back and overtaking them.

Never underestimate Minions or you’ll find that big punches really do come in small packages… an army of small packages, that is.

Hand of Heaven: The Void Overview


So, you’re giving orders to your Aspects and Minions, casting spells every which way, and you’ve created powerful items to aid you in your conquest. Then suddenly… a magical storm appears causing a huge amount of damage to everything on the map!

That’s the power of the Void. In each player’s deck will be void cards where, if drawn, will have you draw a card from the void deck. The cards here cause random effects.

You can have a monster appear on the map that begins wreaking havoc. The monster will attack both players’ teams alike so it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible. The monster will simply take over an entire side of the map having its card appear in one of the two void spots and attack both lanes that run by it. Any units in a lane next to the monster can attack during their turn. If you defeat a monster then your entire team will gain a powerful buff.

You can also draw a demi-god that will instantly become part of your team acting as an extra Aspect card. They come with their own abilities as well making them a great way to turn the tides or just plain trounce your foes. Keep in mind though that when a demi-god is defeated they’re gone for good.

Crazy weather effects can also be brought out causing various environmental problems. Raging thunderstorms will begin dropping lightning in random spaces causing damage to any units standing in them. Snow storms will lower visibility and slow everyone down. Volcanoes slowly destroy entire lanes and outright kill any who dare walk through.

Other effects like having your units returned to your hands, abilities simply not working for a turn, or gaining a health potion can also happen. The Void is crazy and will either help or hinder you. So, do you feel lucky?


Blorp Logo (cropped) 2775X2100

Surprise update! I think we should look at another game we’ve been making called Blorp. It’s a simple card game that can be played with 2-4 players.

The point of the game is to create nonsensical sentences using silly made-up words. You simply draw up to five cards when your turn comes up and then use the words to create a sentence. Every word is connected to proper sentence structure so some are nouns and others are adjectives and so on. You can only use one type of every word so you usually won’t be able to use every card in your hand. But that’s alright as you can save unused words for the next turn.

How do you get points, though? Simple. At the start of the game you choose a cute little alien to play as. You then roll a 6-sided die and look on the back of the alien’s card to see what kinds of words are good or bad for you. If it’s good then you keep the card in a point pile, but if a card is bad then you must get rid of a point card. Don’t worry, you can’t go below zero points. All words are colored coded as well allowing for a crazy amount of different word combinations. Even better, each word card also has some colored splats on them to help you out. If a word is neutral to your alien when someone shows their sentence to you but the card has a splat in a color that is good for you then that card automatically becomes good. If the card is bad then it simply doesn’t matter what colored splats are on it and you lose a point.

To put it simply: This is a game about communication through nonsense. You show another player word cards and they determine if the words are good or bad towards them. The player who showed the words will then gain or lose points depending on how many good or bad cards they showed to the other player. The first player to 10 points wins!

Oh, and watch out for the Blorp cards. They’re special. Why? You’ll find out.