Hand of Heaven: Barrier Card

Barrier Card Border

Alrighty! Let’s take a look at the Void deck. There’s a lot that can happen in this deck so always pay attention. It could be good or bad for you or your opponent. Hope you get lucky!

Lets start with a good card. The Barrier card will cast a giant shield over your base making it impenetrable for three whole turns. This could help you get your barrings in case your opponent had the upper hand as it pushes them out of the base too.

Hand of Heaven: Mechanics Update

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As with anything, you need to test to make sure everything works right. Well, we found some problems. The agility stat unfortunately could not work by itself. Considering it represented both accuracy and evasion it became pretty apparent that characters with high agility were decimating other lower agility type characters. So, we have decided to split the stat. Now there is a new stat called accuracy, represented by a target reticle, that determines if you hit a target and agility itself now only affects evasion. These two stats roll against each other and whichever is the highest wins.