Hand of Heaven: Bhagya, creator of destiny


Our next god-like being is the one who controls fate itself. Bhagya, the creator of destiny is all about keeping control of the battlefield. She alters things to give her an advantage. Cheating you might say? Keep in mind, she has the power to change anyone’s lot in life. So are YOU going to get after her about it?

Bhagya can control how certain events play out giving her an amazing advantage. In this way she can completely ruin her opponent’s plans making it easier for her to win. Keep in mind though, that because of this she isn’t really a battle heavy god only having crowd controlling effects at her disposal. As much manipulation she may set forth even she can’t always escape destiny. Sometimes, no matter how powerful you are, you will succumb to a terrible fate.

Hand of Heaven: Maugos, the creator of the super natural


Lets start looking at the individual characters themselves. We’ll start with the Creators and move on down the list.

Here we have Maugos, the creator of the super natural. He is a blue card which indicates that he is magical in nature. Goes without saying, I suppose. His special passive effect increases the power of other magically based cards as well as increasing the potency of attack spells.

Of course, this also means that many of his spells are going to be magical. What’s better is he is all about causing damage. He likes to send bolts of celestial wrath to ravage the land or create explosions of mystical energy. He also tends to enhance other magically based cards so that he can cause even more damage with his army. Maugos is all about punching the enemy until they can’t stands no more.

Hand of Heaven: Item Overview


Your Aspects certainly have a lot going for them, but even in a real army you want to keep your soldiers well equipped. In your deck you can pull item cards as well that your Aspects can utilize by equipping. There are various items from healing potions to special weapons and armor. Each item has a different effect and use so you’re going to want to think hard before handing them out. The Aspect in question must be at your base before they can grab up the item. Also, keep in mind that some items are single use only and will disappear into the discard pile after being used once.

Hand of Heaven: Color Overview


While everyone is throwing attacks and spells every which way remember that each card, spell, and ability is one of five colors. Each color represents a different type of power and so you’ll get different kinds of effects depending on what color something is.

Red – Physical – Cards connected to this color are connected to the physical world. Red effects will have a bit of an advantage over green effects but a weakness toward blue effects.

Blue – Magical – Cards of the blue hue are connected to all things super natural. Blue effects can overcome red effects but will tend to lose out to yellow effects.

Yellow – Spiritual – Cards that are yellow are connected to moral battle within oneself. Yellow effects will tend to win over blue effects but can have some trouble with purple effects.

Purple – Mental – Cards that come in purple involve the aspects of the mind. Purple effects trump yellow effects but will lose out to green effects.

Green – Natural – Cards decked in green represent the pure natural world. Green effects cause trouble for purple effects but will get creamed by red effects.

Keep in mind that it’s only the effects of cards that will have an advantage/weakness over another color and not the damage. Still, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of deck you decide to build. Should you go all one color or do you think having a variety might be more advantageous?