Hand of Heaven: Maugos, the creator of the super natural


Lets start looking at the individual characters themselves. We’ll start with the Creators and move on down the list.

Here we have Maugos, the creator of the super natural. He is a blue card which indicates that he is magical in nature. Goes without saying, I suppose. His special passive effect increases the power of other magically based cards as well as increasing the potency of attack spells.

Of course, this also means that many of his spells are going to be magical. What’s better is he is all about causing damage. He likes to send bolts of celestial wrath to ravage the land or create explosions of mystical energy. He also tends to enhance other magically based cards so that he can cause even more damage with his army. Maugos is all about punching the enemy until they can’t stands no more.

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