Hand of Heaven: Special Bark Item


Hmm, there’s something about that spiral.

This piece of bark may seem pretty normal, but if an Aspect wears it then they gain an extra 2 health points to their maximum amount. Just about anyone can take advantage of this item. Help make a tank even more rigid or give it to a squishy character to help them survive that much longer. It’s surprising how useful a simple piece of wood can be.

Hand of Heaven: Bloodthirsty Dagger Item


Well, um, I guess it’s easy to wash since it literally licks itself clean.

The Bloodthirsty Dagger is great for its special effect. When it causes damage it also siphons health from your enemy healing the wielder. This item is great for jumping into the fray as you’ll be able to take some damage but still come out alive.

Lets just hope it doesn’t turn against the one holding it.

Hand of Heaven: Mythril Mallet Item


A hammer blessed by an elf priestess and a holy paladin. You can’t get more divine than that.

This hammer is unique for the fact that instead of being a proper weapon it increases the power of the user’s healing abilities. So, instead of being good for offense this thing is great for supportive characters allowing them to keep everyone that much more healthy.

Who thought hitting people with a hammer would heal them. Oh, sorry, that’s not how it works?

Hand of Heaven: Crowd Controller Item


Yup, those are guns strapped to that sword. Apparently the guns fire when the sword is swung. How does that work?

This is the Crowd Controller weapon. This thing causes damage to all enemies in the same space as the target. This is great for cleaning up your opponent’s forces so that your own can push forward. Keep in mind that only Aspects with melee range basic attacks can use it though.

A weird item, but very useful.