Hand of Heaven: Heart Seeker Item


Wait, does that arrow actually have a mouth with teeth? Creepy.

The Heart Seeker is great because it increases the range of an Aspect’s basic attacks. This will allow you to keep your squishy ranged attackers even more safe. Keep in mind that only Aspects that have a ranged basic attack can use this item. So, yeah, no long range punching.

Hand of Heaven: Jewel Items


This red jewel as well as its various other colored variants increase the power of the different elements of the game allowing for your Aspects to cause even more damage with their normal attacks. It’s base damage is 1, but whenever you hit a target weak to the jewel’s element they will actually take 2 damage instead.

Accessorize and you’ll find looking fashionable can also be deadly.

Hand of Heaven: Dead Squirrel Item


Demi-gods, monsters, and soldiers of immense power aren’t the only things the Creators can bring forth. They can also equip special items that your Aspects can use on the field. Like, um, a dead squirrel.

This thing actually acts like a boomerang as you can throw it for a single point of damage, but it’ll come back allowing you to use it again. It also has some surprisingly good range for a deceased critter.

Yup, even something as ridiculous as this can be a valuable asset in the game of life.

Hand of Heaven: The Gryphon


It’s majestic in a strange sort of way. Still, it’s gonna try to kill you so do your best.

If you defeat this lion-bird your entire team will get an increase to their evasive capabilities. Now even your healers can just run into battle and watch the swords and arrows fly right past them.

Seriously, people thought up some weird stuff back in the day. A lion and a bird combination. What?