Hand of Heaven: Aspect Overview


The Creators can summon forth great warriors made from the very fabric of reality. Each of these aspects has their own special qualities and powers much like the Creators. Unlike Creators though they can actually move around the map. Unfortunately, though, they do not have access to the powerful spells the Creators can cast and must rely on their own skills to fight the enemy. You can have five aspects summoned at one time so they can work as a team.

Much like the Creators they have their own passive skill that help them in some fashion. They also only have access to three special abilities and one ultimate skill that must be unlocked by acquiring a special item known as a Core.

Each aspect card has five different stats to keep track of. The cross represents their health points letting you know how much damage they can sustain until they are destroyed. Don’t worry though, they will come back to life after a certain amount of turns. The punching glove represents the power of their normal attacks and the projectile represents the range of said attacks. The runner represents their agility which determines their accuracy and dodging skills. The foot represents how many spaces that can move per turn.

Aspects are very powerful in their own right and you must lead them well if you wish to take down your enemies. What kind of team will you create. Are you more for defense, soaking up damage as you tank through? Perhaps you enjoy toying with your enemies before destroying them. Or do you want to just plow through them like ripe wheat. No matter what you choose your followers will listen to your every command.

Hand of Heaven: Creator Overview


So, the most important thing about Hand of Heaven is the Creators. They’re those incredibly powerful celestial beings that act as living batteries for reality itself. Here though, they’re just playing cards with the very fabric of the cosmos. The aim is to defeat your opponent’s Creator using everything you have on hand. You cast spells, summon mighty aspects as warriors, and unleash tons of little minions to run down your foe’s fortress.

But first, lets understand what the Creators can do exactly. On their card you will see a picture of them, a number symbolizing the amount of hit points they have, as well as they’re name and their unique passive ability. Each Creator has a different passive that affects the board as a whole. Lets use Maugos here as an example. His passive increases the power of all cards that are considered magical in nature giving them an increase to their stats. Any abilities that are magical will gain an increase in power. He also causes all spells that cause damage to increase in power as well. Clearly, his whole shtick is to go in guns a blazing running down any and all threats that get in his army’s way.

But remember, Maugos isn’t the only Creator and the others have their own unique spin on how they approach their enemies.

Hand of Heaven: The Void


A lot can happen in Hand of Heaven especially when it’s not under your control. The Void is a special space that sits outside the play field. In your deck you may pull a card for the Void which allows you to draw a card from the Void deck. The cards here are random and can either help or hinder you. Maybe you’ll draw a monster that you can defeat for some much needed strength. Perhaps a demi-god will appear and join the battle as an extra Aspect. Or maybe some environmental storm will wreak havoc across the battlefield. Who knows! Take the chance and you just might get lucky!

Hand of Heaven: Minions


The Aspects are powerful and have special qualities and abilities that give them a great edge, but you can only have five total. So why don’t we fill the rest of the space with cannon fodder? These little guys will blindly march towards your opponent’s base each turn attacking any enemies that get in the way. They may be easy to take out, but you can have as many as you want so if your opponent isn’t paying attention they might find themselves overrun with quite the infestation.

Hand of Heaven: Spells


As stated before, the Creators can cast spells. These spells can effect any part of the board allowing them to do various things that can help themselves and hinder their opponents. Be careful how you use your spells though as you might just create an opening for your opponent to counter you.

Hand of Heaven: The Aspects

Group Shot 1

These are the soldiers of the Creators’ armies. But they aren’t just simple pawns they literally physical manifestations of the aspects of reality. Hence the name Aspect. Each has their own unique powers making them useful for various situations. They also must infiltrate and defeat the opponent’s Creator in order to win the game as the Creators cannot hurt each other directly.

Hand of Heaven: The Creators

Group Shot 1

Say hello to the Creators, all powerful celestial beings. When they get bored they play what they call a “card game.” Each Creator has their own special power that effects their various creations and abilities. They cannot move though and so must wait in their base to be attacked by their opponent’s forces. But don’t worry, they aren’t just sitting ducks. They can cast powerful spells to help them survive. Their spells, unlike them, can effect any part of the board allowing them to do various things such as increasing the power of their own army or causing trouble for their opponent.

Hand of Heaven: Map

Legendary Map

In Hand of Heaven you play as a god-like being called a Creator. Said Creator sits in a base on the map. Each base is situated in the bottom left and top right of the map. It’s the job of the Creator’s Aspects to infiltrate and defeat the enemy Creator. The Aspects, though, must journey to the enemy base in order to do so, but keep in mind the enemy’s Aspects are out there too. There are three paths to do so, one directly down the center and two curved paths on the side. The idea is very much based on the MOBA style of video games.

Hand of Heaven: Introduction

Test Logo (5X5)

Hope you all enjoyed that enigmatic week of updates. Introducing Hand of Heaven. A tower defense-like board game where you play as god-like beings trying to defeat each other using their very powers.

Why are the creators doing this? Well, cause they get bored sometimes and need something to do. So they play cards together. Well, what they consider cards. Said cards are their own powers that they use to create various beings to fight for them. Using said beings they let them loose on a battlefield floating in the ether and try and defeat each other.

So, do you think you have what it takes to play as a god? Better yet, do you think you could defeat one?