Hand of Heaven: Aspect Overview


The Creators can summon forth great warriors made from the very fabric of reality. Each of these aspects has their own special qualities and powers much like the Creators. Unlike Creators though they can actually move around the map. Unfortunately, though, they do not have access to the powerful spells the Creators can cast and must rely on their own skills to fight the enemy. You can have five aspects summoned at one time so they can work as a team.

Much like the Creators they have their own passive skill that help them in some fashion. They also only have access to three special abilities and one ultimate skill that must be unlocked by acquiring a special item known as a Core.

Each aspect card has five different stats to keep track of. The cross represents their health points letting you know how much damage they can sustain until they are destroyed. Don’t worry though, they will come back to life after a certain amount of turns. The punching glove represents the power of their normal attacks and the projectile represents the range of said attacks. The runner represents their agility which determines their accuracy and dodging skills. The foot represents how many spaces that can move per turn.

Aspects are very powerful in their own right and you must lead them well if you wish to take down your enemies. What kind of team will you create. Are you more for defense, soaking up damage as you tank through? Perhaps you enjoy toying with your enemies before destroying them. Or do you want to just plow through them like ripe wheat. No matter what you choose your followers will listen to your every command.

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