Hand of Heaven: The Leap of Faith


Now lets move on to the soldiers. Starting off we have The Leap of Faith. As the name implies she’s all about jumping into the fray without thinking. Thankfully, she has great maneuverability and will generally zip about keeping herself safe while landing incredible damage. By the same token she isn’t made for taking said damage either so you’ll have to be careful.

The Leap of Faith is great for scouting and assassinating enemy Aspects that have gone solo. If you want her to take on groups though then bring along a friend that can either protect her or heal her wounds quickly. Try equipping her with the Red Jewel or Crowd Controller to maximize her damage output. No matter how you play The Leap of Faith is great for picking off enemies and keeping control of the field.

Hand of Heaven: Asha, Creator of Life


Asha represents the powers of life. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean he’s so pushover hippy dippy peace lover. Life is both precious and fragile and no one understands that better than Asha himself. He protects life fervently and has become something a stealthy warrior watching over all, making sure that when their time comes its by his decision.

As such, Asha puts emphasis on living most of all. He gives bonuses to his allies that allow them to last longer and increases the power of healing effects. Even if an ally dies he’s use the energy they left behind the aid his other allies. Asha is deceptive in his actions but it’s all to make sure nothing perishes without meaning.

Hand of Heaven: Tomorrow, Creator of Thought

Tomorrow Card Border

Tomorrow is the creator of thought and so the very reason anything is sentient. Hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, and just plain random actions are all part of her domain. It only makes sense that her play style would be to increase the properties of her soldiers so as to allow them to perform better.

That’s right, Tomorrow is all about making it so her Aspects and Minions can perform better by increasing their stats. Need more attack power? She’s got you covered. Need to fall back and take some hits? Then she’s ready to go. Need to rush in as fast as possible? Then you need only to think it. Tomorrow is all about changing up her own army to do what she wants as efficiently as possible. After all, brain over brawn, right?

Hand of Heaven: Terra, creator of solidity


He may look like a lazy hippy who can’t hold his own, but Terra is merely lulling you into a false sense of security. Terra is the creator of solidity. Without him nothing could take solid form. This leaves the poor guy pretty tired so he usually sleeps for a few millennia.

In battle though he puts immense emphasis on taking hits. He comes equipped with protection spells and increases the power of physical type cards and abilities. Terra wants to make sure he can just live though the damage he takes and crush his foes afterward. It might take him a little longer to win, but slow and steady wins the race, right?