Hand of Heaven: The Jackolope


A jackrabbit with the antlers of an antelope? That’s ridiculous!

Still, defeating this tough little guy will yield an awesome speed boost to your entire team. Being able to reach your opponents and flee much more easily can definitely help turn the tide of battle.

Thanks little weirdo rabbit thing. Onward for victory!

Hand of Heaven: The Troll


Sure, it looks all spindly and weak, but it’s actually much more resilient than you might think.

The Troll is like any other monster. You draw it from the Void deck, you fight it, and then you get a buff. This one gives you a regeneration effect where each turn your entire team heals a portion of their health.

Goodness, that almost makes you invincible. Almost.

Hand of Heaven: The Hellhound


Y’know, one would expect something a bit more terrifying for something coming from hell. Oh well.

The Hellhound is no slouch though and will attack anyone who is nearby. If you’re able to defeat it you’ll get the Hellhound’s Agility buff which will increase your whole team’s agility for 5 whole turns.

Well, now that I think of it, the tail is on fire. That’s kinda cool.

Hand of Heaven: The Dragon


Goodness that thing is huge! Better really prepare if you’re gonna take on a dragon!

Defeating the dragon will net your team an increase to their range allowing even melee units to attack from a distance. Great for keeping everyone safe. Even the weakest of your soldiers can pelt your enemies with annoying little attacks that whittle them down.

Still, watch for that thing’s breath. I hear the smell is worse than the actual fire.

Hand of Heaven: The Ogre


Big, fat, stupid, and… really freakishly powerful. This guy may be dumb but he’s gonna take a bit to destroy.

The Ogre is large and, I guess, imposing. Still, like any monster if you destroy him you’ll get a powerful buff to enhance your entire team. In this case you’ll get a +1 bonus to your offense increasing the power of all basic attacks.

Yeah, yeah, he’s one ugly customer, but you’d feel pretty stupid if he stepped on you.