Hand of Heaven: Disappear Card

Barrier Card Border

Oh, now this can be annoying. This card will make one of your Aspect cards return to your hand. Just imagine being in the middle of a battle and then all of a sudden one of your best fighters just up and vanishes. By the same token, seeing your enemy’s numbers dwindle can certainly help. It’s all about perspective, right?

Hand of Heaven: Explosion Card

Barrier Card Border

That’s right, this Void card just causes a big ol’s explosion straight up. It affects a good area too and though its damage may seem low remember that Minions and a lot of Aspect cards have low HP. If you’ve found a way to low your enemy’s defenses that can also really bring the hurt. Just remember that you can’t use this attack on anyone in a base.

Hand of Heaven: Road Block Card

Barrier Card Border

The Road Block card will completely shut down an entire lane pushing out all Aspects and placing them back in their respective bases. This can be great if you’re opponent is pressuring you, but just as bad if you’re trying to put on the pressure. Plus, with only two lanes to deal with that makes it a little harder to mess with your opponent’s head.

Amazing what one little sign can do.