Hand of Heaven: The Candy Princess


She’s sweet… in every way possible. She’s there to help you and giggle while your enemies fall.

The Candy princess may not be much of a fighter but she certainly has some great abilities to help keep you alive. Using the power of candy she can heal and even give her allies a hard candy shell to protect them. She can even throw a cavity causing jawbreaker at her foes. Even better, when any of her abilities are used they give a speed boost to her allies or lowers the speed of her enemies.

Candy may not be very threatening by itself, but when combined with powerful warriors it can certainly make your death that much more embarrassing.

Hand of Heaven: The Pillow Lady


Big and fluffy and oh so resilient to attacks. It’s The Pillow Lady! She’s here to act as an adorable wall between you and your foes.

Her major quality is her ability to take hits as she will always receive less damage from any source. Send her in first for a nice slow moving fortress of fluff. With such great tanking potential she’s great for teams where a lot of the other members are very squishy. Well, OK, she’s squishy too, but in that annoyingly defensive way.

Just like when you were kid always remember to bring your big ol stuffed toy with you. You never know when you’re gonna need em.

Hand of Heaven: The Dark Warrior of Vengeance

The Calm Before The Storm Border

The very physical manifestation of revenge. Whether you mean to or not, this warrior will enact your terrible fantasies upon those you hate.

This dark warrior is all about finding and destroying her targets. Her abilities allow her to move about quickly and exact righteous pain upon those who enter her path. Possessed with strong defensive qualities as well her slow speed is counter balanced by her sheer unrelenting power. Send her ahead of those who need protection in order keep the path open and to keep your enemies busy.

A powerful fighter. She’ll make sure you don’t have time to regret your decision.

Hand of Heaven: The Freedom


Over fields. Over dale. Over… yonder? I forget the words. But this carefree being is the essence of freedom in physical form.

The Freedom is a fast supportive Aspect that can help allies by quickly running up to them and freeing them of status ailments and other problems. Being so fast this lovely horse can also be used as a scout for checking the terrain as it can keep itself safe by simply fleeing from enemies. When truly in trouble it can activate its ultimate ability to allow its whole team faster speed and the ability to run through any obstacles in their way.

A simple being, but then, freedom is a simple concept anyway.