Hand of Heaven: The Rage


The physical manifestation of rage itself. This thing is a crazy monster that is never happy. Trust me, you don’t want to get anywhere near this guy.

The Rage is a bruiser that’s all about rushing in on enemies and knocking them around. It can blow up on command, throw its foes, it can even become more angry. As if that was even possible. Use this guy to create loads of pressure for your opponent’s army. If this guy keeps rampaging about then they’re going to have to deal with him which could create openings for your own team.

So yeah, you won’t like this guy when it’s angry… but then again, it’s always angry.

Hand of Heaven: The Lonely One


She’s lonely, but she doesn’t want you anywhere near her. But… But… she’s just so TORTURED!

The embodiment of the destructive nature of depression. She yearns for the company of others but something is always keeping her back. In this case, literal force fields… OF SADNESS!!! Her shields can do a variety of things such as keeping allies safe, moving enemies away, or even containing attacks. Her ultimate ability Void Shield creates a mini arena that traps everyone inside but gives a great advantage to her allies while inside the shield.

The Lonely One is for when you want to keep your distance and keep a defensive stance… just like your awkward teenage years.

Hand of Heaven: The Claw


From the shadows it waits for just the right moment to pounce those least suspecting. The Claw is the very essence of the “predator.” A being so dangerous that no one is really sure what it actually looks like.

The Claw itself is a fast and powerful assassin style unit. It jumps in and hits hard so to scare its opponents. Its passive effect allows it to continue hitting harder and harder so as to create pressure. If used properly The Claw can cause your opponent to make mistakes making it great for both early and late play. Even if your opponent has the upper hand if this guy can scare them you might be able to turn the tide of battle.

The Claw is all about playing games with its prey. Just like a true predator should.

Hand of Heaven: The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm Border

The very manifestation of that peaceful foreboding feeling before a huge storm hits the coast. She may be cute and somewhat innocent, but don’t underestimate the power that’s building up behind her.

The Calm Before The Storm is interesting for the fact that he power grows over time. The longer she goes without attacking the more powerful her next attack will be. In this way she ends up being a great late game sweeper coming in behind her allies and wiping out anything left that may have survived. She’s also great for causing chaos with her Debilitating Mist ability which blinds enemies in the area it affects.

Just like a real storm she brings forth destruction and confusion everywhere all with a cute little smile on her face.