Hand of Heaven: Color Overview


While everyone is throwing attacks and spells every which way remember that each card, spell, and ability is one of five colors. Each color represents a different type of power and so you’ll get different kinds of effects depending on what color something is.

Red – Physical – Cards connected to this color are connected to the physical world. Red effects will have a bit of an advantage over green effects but a weakness toward blue effects.

Blue – Magical – Cards of the blue hue are connected to all things super natural. Blue effects can overcome red effects but will tend to lose out to yellow effects.

Yellow – Spiritual – Cards that are yellow are connected to moral battle within oneself. Yellow effects will tend to win over blue effects but can have some trouble with purple effects.

Purple – Mental – Cards that come in purple involve the aspects of the mind. Purple effects trump yellow effects but will lose out to green effects.

Green – Natural – Cards decked in green represent the pure natural world. Green effects cause trouble for purple effects but will get creamed by red effects.

Keep in mind that it’s only the effects of cards that will have an advantage/weakness over another color and not the damage. Still, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of deck you decide to build. Should you go all one color or do you think having a variety might be more advantageous?

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