Hand of Heaven: Battle Mechanics


Aspects and Minions go forth battling each other for their Creator’s glory. Lets talk a little about how they do that, shall we?

Lets start with Agility. This stat is important for making sure you can hit with your attacks or evade them if being attacked. The process is simple: Both players roll a dice for the Minion or Aspect and whoever gets the higher roll wins. If the evading player wins then the attack does nothing to them. If the attacking player wins then the attack causes damage. Even better, if the evading player rolls 3 points lower than the attacking player then the attacked performs a critical hit causing an extra point of damage. Keep in mind that some Aspects have a bonus to their agility making it easier for them to hit or evade attacks.

As for the amount of damage you cause that is determined by either the Minion or Aspect’s base attack power or the ability they’re using. All of these perimeters have a different number and work individually but sometimes can effect depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind that some Aspects have a longer range of attack and even melee style Aspects can throw themselves forward making them rather dangerous to approach.

All of this can be further altered by various other abilities, spells, and weather patterns. Always keep in mind what’s going on and what kinds of buffs and debuffs are affecting yours and your opponents characters and you’ll come out victorious.

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