Hand of Heaven: The Heartless Man


That hole in his chest and that comically toothy smile aren’t just for show. This guy is a truly monstrous beast. Some say he isn’t even human. His quixotic nature strikes fear into all who enter his path. A frigid pal falls on his surroundings, plants wither, and animals flee from his presence. If you should ever come across this guy then pray that he merely walks past. If not, then you better hope that there’s a benevolent after life because you’re about to meet it.

The Heartless Man is exactly as his name implies, merciless. Slow but sturdy, he walks forward without fear slowing his opponents as well allowing his teammates to catch up and pick them off. For the truly unfortunate he paralyzes them with fear and saunters over to finish them personally.

Death is kind in that it respects the living, but this guy doesn’t care. In fact, he can’t.

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