Hand of Heaven: The Dragon


Goodness that thing is huge! Better really prepare if you’re gonna take on a dragon!

Defeating the dragon will net your team an increase to their range allowing even melee units to attack from a distance. Great for keeping everyone safe. Even the weakest of your soldiers can pelt your enemies with annoying little attacks that whittle them down.

Still, watch for that thing’s breath. I hear the smell is worse than the actual fire.

Hand of Heaven: The Ogre


Big, fat, stupid, and… really freakishly powerful. This guy may be dumb but he’s gonna take a bit to destroy.

The Ogre is large and, I guess, imposing. Still, like any monster if you destroy him you’ll get a powerful buff to enhance your entire team. In this case you’ll get a +1 bonus to your offense increasing the power of all basic attacks.

Yeah, yeah, he’s one ugly customer, but you’d feel pretty stupid if he stepped on you.

Hand of Heaven: The Golem


Demi-Gods aren’t the only beings you will pull from the Void deck. Sometimes monsters will come out and attack. These monsters will get placed in the void spaces between the lanes and attack allies and enemies indiscriminately.

However, there is a good reason to defeat these terrible beasts. When killed, depending on the monster, your entire team will gain a special buff that increases a single attribute. In Golem’s case your team will gain a +2 bonus to their maximum health points. These effects lasts a generous 5 turns.

This guy may seem big and rigid but even the mightiest foes have weaknesses.

Hand of Heaven: The Demi-God of Smells


He may not look like much but this guy’s nose is the best of the best. He can smell just about anything and tell you all the intricacies that make it up.

When comes to your aid he allows one of your allies to use an attack or ability without doing an accuracy roll per turn. This will make sure the attack or ability in question to almost assuredly hit the target. I say almost simply because there are a few thing in the game that could get in the way. Still, bypassing the accuracy roll and just hitting your target no matter what can certainly strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Why, what’s that smell? It’s victory!

Hand of Heaven: The Demi-Goddess of Squares


Oh hey, squares also have a celestial representation? Who knew?

This lady doesn’t just look smug for no reason. Her power, Flat Surface, allows any one of your allies to act as a wall and block enemies from moving any further down a lane. Albeit, only one ally can do this per turn, but it’s certainly an interesting and useful effect.

If there’s a goddess for circles and squares I wonder if there’s one for triangles too.

Hand of Heaven: The Demi-Goddess of Circles


Why do circles exist? Why, because of this lovely lady of course. What, did you think science had anything to do with it?

She may seem meek but her power to allow an ally to completely ignore an attack or ability for one turn can be a crazy game changer. Just keep her safe and you’ll be dodging fireballs and sword swings for days.

Such a simple concept and yet so helpful.

Hand of Heaven: The Demi-Goddess of the Sea

Demi-Goddess of the Sea

The sea may be dangerous but there is also a calming, almost serene aspect to it all.

This next demi-goddess is all about keeping her new allies safe from harm. Her passive, Pure Water, will allow one of your Aspects to completely shrug off the effects of a Void card once per turn. This crazy ability has a lot of awesome uses as it will allow for vital units to not even worry about getting taken out of the fight too early.

Just sit back and listen to the rolling sounds of the waves and you too will be free of life’s troubles.

Hand of Heaven: The Demi-God of the Winds


Your Aspects and Minions aren’t the only soldiers you can bring to the field. If you’re lucky you might pull a Demi-God out of the Void deck who will instantly join your team and act as an extra Aspect card.

This one is the Demi-God of the Winds. Demi-Gods don’t have abilities or ultimate abilities like Aspect cards but their passives affect the entire team allowing you an extra effect each time it’s your turn. This guy’s passive, Leading Winds, allows one ally to move at twice their speed each turn. You can even choose which ally gets the effect.

Use the power of the wind and you’ll go far!

Hand of Heaven: The Protective Parent


Yes, even a loving mother can be useful in a fight. Just remember, that like a bear she is fiercely protective of her teammates.

The Protective Parent will do everything to keep her allies safe by healing them and keeping enemies at bay. Even her tears can cause damage and cause enemies to feel so bad they will turn the opposite direction and think about what they’ve done.

Remember, before you go out into a bloody fight always bring a snack. Mother says after all.

Hand of Heaven: The Consumer

The Calm Before The Storm Border

No matter how wonderful something is there is always the chance it may be destroyed. The Consumer is the embodiment of this cruel fact of life.

This awful beings main strategy is to cause as much mayhem as possible. It wants you to feel helpless against it until you takes all you hold dear. Your troops will burn, your tower will crumble, and your own base will be overtaken by the fires of war. No matter how much you want to win this thing will make sure that you just don’t posses the power to do so.

Nothing can escape destruction… not even love. Life is sad.