Letteretti now available in browser

Finally, you can play Letteretti for free in your browser.

I was shocked to discover, when I finished this port, that Letteretti was originally written almost five years ago in 2011. It’s come a long way since then. Most amusing is the massive graphical upgrade thanks to Paul:

 Letteretti Free- screenshot thumbnail   Letteretti- screenshot thumbnail

This wasn’t our first collaboration, but its the first one that actually got finished.

Part of the addition of Paul’s graphics was reworking the whole thing to be HTML/CSS-based to enable easy porting to iPhone, etc. That made this latest port a breeze, mainly a refresher in node.js/Express.

The best part about the browser version is playing with a real keyboard. Since the beginning it has been keyboard-enabled. My original development was using an old Motorola Droid with a slide out keyboard:


(Side note, I forgot how much I enjoyed having the keyboard option on a smartphone). I’m not sure anyone has ever actually used the keyboard feature except me.

I’m hoping to add a few more features in the coming weeks, but its up and playable!


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