Hand of Heaven: The Angel of Death


He’s well dressed. He’s professional. He absolutely LOVES his job. Everyone’s heard of this guy. The very personification of death itself. As an aspect he brings death swiftly his opponents on the battlefield. Watch your step because he’s most likely two more steps closer to you.

The Angel of Death plays exactly how you think. He’s an assassin style character who’s special quality is increasing his speed toward those who are low on health. The closer an enemy is to dying the faster he can catch up to them as his speed stat will increase based on how low that specific enemy’s health is. Keep in mind though, that he doesn’t have the best defenses himself so it’s best that he take enemies out when they’re by themselves. By the same token, keep in mind his ultimate attack, Heaven’s Light, which allows him to fly up into the air and then land wherever he wants attacking an enemy as he does so.

The Angel of Death is truly a scary opponent and one should really watch for him. Still, you can’t escape the reaper for death comes to us all eventually.

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